[ Social Responsibility ]

Disha Education

Our Belief

The DISHA EDUCATION was conceptualized to intervene at a level to change the lives of the less fortunate. Our belief is that inculcating the best of the human spirits in young children could be a good way to build capability for young people. 

These are children who have been brought here for violations of various laws and rules. These children need to be given a chance to change the direction of their lives. We work with them on a weekly basis with interactions for self-development, self-discovery, and also the discovery of skills and talents.  

Our Commitment

We have been conducting weekly modules imparting skill based education and counselling for the student. We work with them on a weekly basis with interactions for self-development, self-discovery and also discovering of skills and talents. As part of this exercise we conduct a series of coordinated experiences and exposures for these children to shine a light on their self-belief and ignite a desire to develop as better humans.

Our Approach 

We have initiated a library comprising of educational and motivational books on various subjects.

Sessions to increases skill set such as yoga, arts, crafts, best out of waste, Indian dance, theatre skills, Agriculture, Kitchen gardening, gadget repairing, self-defense.

Regular sessions for self-development such as voice modulation, improving body language, and book reading.

Regular counseling sessions and mind mapping with the help of a resource team put together for this cause. 

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